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Sugar N spice in-home care

In-Home Care

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Sugar N Spice is not just a business; it's a cause. Founded and owned by Regina Deck, a registered nurse, we offer an individualized and person-centered approach to care, providing on-demand services that promote well-being and hope for both the care recipient and the family caregiver.

Our Unique Approach

One distinct benefit of our services is that we are not home health aides. Our staff is life-enhancement caregivers, many of whom are nursing school students, certified geriatric nursing assistants, or medical assistants with specialized training in musculoskeletal health, post-hospital and post-rehab care, dementia/mental health and wellness, and cardiovascular and renal health. When you choose our services, we match the care recipient's needs with the skill set of the best available life-enhancement caregiver.

Our Goals

When we started this business, we had two goals in mind:

  • Offer practical solutions to the top seven challenges plaguing the in-home care industry:

    1. Top 7 challenges facing family caregivers:

    2. Family caregiver exhaustion and stress

    3. The sandwich generation struggle- Working a job, caring for your own children while caring for an aging parent. 

    4. Cost of hiring home caregiving assistance

    5. The uncertainty and vulnerability of hiring reliable and trustworthy caregivers.

    6. What happens to my loved one if something happens to me?\How can I keep my loved one home?

    7. How can I keep balance in my life? I feel overwhelmed. 

Transforming Caregiving

Our goal is to transform caregiving into a joyous and gratifying experience. Our "Life Enchantment" caregivers engage clients in activities like gardening, baking, shopping, or going to church . We strive to reinvent fun with creative socialization, interactive exercise, outings, and activities that bring joy.

Core Values (SUGAR)

pecific solutions for customized care

nique. Each client/family has unique needs/goals


cceptance of each client

eassurance and Reliability

Our Name, Sugar N Spice

The name "Sugar N Spice" comes from our vision of joyful and engaging caregiving experiences, where our clients and caregivers can share moments that are as warm and comforting as baking cookies together.


This picture features Regina's beautiful Grandmother. She passed at the age of 97. She was one of the most influential people in her life and the reason for her heart and passion towards seniors. Regina understands their vulnerability, concerns, needs for independence, and someone  who reminds them to laugh and enjoy life. She is very particular with the caregivers in her company. She takes personal responsibility in placing genuine caring, nurturing, safe, honest caregivers in your home or with your loved one. Our motto we treat our clients how we would treat our own family with personalized, dignified, compassionate caregiving solutions


In-Home Care

Now serving The Flagstaff, Sedona, And Williams areas

Caregiver Relief 

We provide fun outings and activities, assist with errands and accompany you to appointments.


Even the family caregivers need to be cared for. Let us lighten the burden of caring for a loved one.

Round the Clock Care

Need assisted living, but want to stay in your home? Our care comes to you so you don't have to move.

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